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San Pedro la Laguna

Bustling tourist community San Pedro la Laguna, on the shores of Lake Atitlan, is in the Solola Municipal District of Guatemala. The filters requested, BSF 25, each service 25 families. Cost for two filters including Unicef Wash training is $3200. First of the filters is planned for installation in February 2023, then following the “seasoning” period for the filters the second is planned for June. San Pedro is a community of 13.000 people, 2600 homes clinging to the slopes of the giant ancient volcano caldera which now forms Lake Atitlan. Here group “Jun Mokaaj Ixmucane”, The Mother Weavers, train 100 women as members of their co-op. The ladies’ plan is to re-invest profit to purchase two more filters to provide water for the 100 families in their charge and in their neighborhood. Friends of Los Buenos Vecinos may know the Mother Weavers by the coffee bags they produce to fund WASH projects. The group also produces re-usable feminine products for local school children.

This filter, below, is typical of 14 furnished in the past 12 months, along with 445 single family bio-sand filters, all of which are producing water testing 98.5-99% pure from bacterial contaminants and 80%+ free of viral.

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