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Fire for Water Challenge
Volunteering & Volcano Climb
Acatenango, Guatemala

The Fire for Water Challenge is both a service opportunity and a physical challenge. Participation in either a competitive race or vigorous overnight hike on the Volcano Acatenango, 13,080’, is a world class attraction. To that lifetime memory, adding the thrill of engagement with local people in UNIFEF Water and Sanitation Hygiene (W.A.S.H.) education, and construction of water filters and other related projects, alongside the end users, is not only a genuine and vital service but additionally leads to life changing cultural exchange.
The FFW Challenge service projects are available to groups and clubs, and individuals. Sample
itineraries and voluntourism package is available on request.

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Image- 2023-02-08T041845.211.png


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"BSF 25 -filter for 25 families at the health clinic in Hierba Buena"

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Dona’ Maria Del Carmen Tun Cho

This dedicated 50-year-old runner, mother of 6, of community Nacamiento in Municipal district Ruxquiche, as a champion of women’s empowerment, was the first Mayan woman to complete the Los Angeles Marathon and later, the Barcelona marathon in 2018.


Dona' Maria will race the volcano in 2023 to raise funds for women-owned and operated water filtration system and WASH training at the school in her community. Dona' Maria has organized a group to become WASH CHAMPIONS in her community.

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Night view with stars

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Sunrise view from base camp.

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