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In each community Los Buenos Vecinos and the local

W.A.S.H. (Water & Sanitation Hygiene) CHAMPIONS teach and practice 
  Activity /Art for Behavioral Change.

     ABC's Increased knowledge retention through Games, Dramatizations and Hands-on sifting and grading. Using the Los Buenos Vecinos model, teach the teachers, monitor the monitors, ongoing M.M.E. Maintenance, Monitoring and Evaluating of completed projects is accomplished by WASH CHAMPIONS.

Image- 2023-02-08T171307.977.png
Image- 2023-02-08T061203.050.png
Image- 2023-02-08T061237.890.png

Learning through games

Families talking filters home

Hands-on sifting and grading

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Image- 2023-02-09T023203.308.png
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