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Bio-sand technology was first developed by Mayans in the great cities of Tikal, El Mirador and others over 1,300 years ago. Thirty years ago the Center for Affordable Water and Sanitation Health Technology, CAWST, in Calgary Alberta began studying and perfecting bio-sand for use in developing countries. The simple technology of bio-sand filters depends upon replicating naturally occurring sand and gravel beds where friendly microbes live upon pathogens and virus. Purity of user-maintained  bio-sand filters consistently test near 99% pure for bacterial contamination and 75% free of viruses. 

Los Buenos Vecinos has successfully made home and community size filter systems. Community systems are designed to provide pure water for about 25 to 400 families.  


Los Beunos Vecinos approach to the needs of pure water and sanitation is highly focused upon education, end-user and whole community engagement, through AABC, that is, Arts & Activities Behavioral Change. Teachers, health officials and elected officials form WASH committees. Each family participates in building their filters and basic W.A.S.H. - UNICEF Water and Sanitation Hygiene training. 

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Two products, tippy tap hand wash stations for homes, clinics, and schools, and bio-sand water filters for home, school, community, apply simple technology using easily available parts, are scaleable from household to community size, and are sustainable via user fees or profits from community-owned systems.  

One vital service, UNICEF Water and Sanitation Hygiene education. We teach the teachers, train the trainers, monitor the monitors for outcomes.

When these simple products are combined with continuing WASH education, long term results show 85% disease reduction. 

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